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Making Moves | GQP's L.A.rry L.A.vell assists the success of Halo Gang Records' latest singles

"Consistency is key, and the years of hard work are proving it," says the 14 year Inglewood industry veteran. "Having working with with independent artists, and we doing 100K in numbers now? We living the dream, this is what we asked for." L.A.rry L.A.vell had his first successful internet single as an engineer with Colton, CA sensation Havik The Gauwd Robbins' single "Goin Up", which did 100K streams across streaming platforms in its first 4 months.

Recently, the duo teamed up, made a repeat run with Havik's latest single, "WRKN" and also surpassed 100K streams on all platforms near its first 90 days.

Honing and meshing his production skills with his knowledge of the board and computers, L.A.rry believes the "provided industry standard sound coupled with passionate marketing is what helps expose the overall art the artist may be expressing." Says L.A.rry. "Sound is key, marketing is key, period, no way around it. If you want to be successful, you got to market your song as much as you are in the studio, hovering over your engineer getting that sound correct. If you dont promote that hard, you was hounding him for absoultely nothing."

You can support the latest projects above, or follow L.A.rry L.A.vell & Havik The Gauwd Robbins personally here.

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